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An Open Letter from Bala Sethuram, KAES' President

Dear Readers,

I always think it is a good idea to give those interested in a company's services a bit of additional information, if only to provide a bit of context for understanding the "how and why" of the company's operations. To wit, that is what I hope to accomplish here, regarding my own company, KAES Technologies.

First, a bit on our history -- we were founded in 1998, as a partnership among friends who had each worked for many years as Oracle DBAs. Quite simply, we decided to set out on a bit of a corporate adventure, to take advantage of the rapidly growing opportunities we felt were available in providing Oracle-related services.

I am very proud that we have managed to carry forward our initial enthusiasm and passion, even after nearly a decade of being in business. We still adhere to our internal motto -- "the best in business Oracle services at an affordable price." I am also very proud that we have consistently provided our customers with the unfettered freedom to chase their dreams and goals, while we take care of their Oracle investments and infrastructure. And, this all translates into "bottom-line" benefits too -- we assist our customers in controlling costs and keeping "a lid" on budgets through our exceptional services. Being a small company, we are very focussed -- empowering us to become even better at everything we do. Truly, the opportunities are endless.

Some ask how we differ from other companies offering similar services. I normally answer that we are not everything to everybody -- we don't need to have goals that we should make a hat that will fit every head on earth. Unlike others, we have a passion for and consequently specialize in the infrastructure side of IT. We are here by choice, and simply, we have a passion for it.

I also mention the fact that Application Consultants hire DBAs to extend their service offerings. But, a little knowledge of SQL does not translate into an Oracle specialist. Oracle databases, OS-level knowledge, and related services have been our bread and butter for a long time. When the going gets tough, we do not call an external technical resource to fix problems for us -- we are the technical resource. While we have provided our services to customers through several consulting companies, other customers deal with us directly too, and are thus greatly satisfied by the experience.

All of that translates into us being an agile, efficient company, able to lead in our industry while remaining focussed not only on providing high-quality services, but on building the value of our clients' IT investments.

I sincerely hope the above has been informative about the "background" of our company. If you would like any further information, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Best regards,

Bala Sethuram
KAES Technologies

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