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Our Reseller Program

Here at KAES, our reseller partners are an extremely important facet of our business -- enabling us to extend our services into a "triple win" situation: for our clients, our resellers, and, of course, KAES itself.

KAES's own flexibility is reflected in our partnership agreements. Our Reseller solutions can be effectively packaged in a very wide variety of contexts, adding value to what you offer, and providing the confidence that only true experts in Oracle technologies can deliver.

Simply put, we are the Oracle Services Experts, providing services across the full scope of the Oracle architecture. Our knowhow, agility, efficiency and skill can empower your customers with the perfect combination of hands-on local support, backup, installation, configuration, and monitoring services to effectively operate a high-performing, business-enhancing set of Oracle IT investments.

Although membership in our Reseller Program is not limited to particular business segments, those in the fields of specific Industry and Finance Specialisation, Accounting, and Consulting are likely to find KAES's Reseller Program of particular benefit.

Highlights of possible areas in which we can provide our superior-quality services on a reseller basis include the following:

  Developing and implementing a solid disaster recovery plan

  Reducing IT costs and downtime losses

  Improving functionality and productivity

  Lowering operation costs

  System Integration Assistance

  Maintenance and Support

  ...Much, much more!

If you are interested and seek more information, please e-mail us at channels@kaes.com.au with your details.

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