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Product and Service Overview

Providing high-quality services that instill total confidence among our clients is one of the fundamental tenets of our business. In accomplishing this, we strive to understand not only our clients' technologies, but their business as well -- knowing that such represents one of the most effective ways of promoting quality and efficiency.

To better assist our clients with achieving their goals through IT, we provide a modular, flexible set of Oracle-related products and services -- across the entire technology footprint of the Oracle E-Business Suite. This enables our clients to invest in the experience of our Apps DBA resources, and rely upon the fact that with KAES, they will have precisely what they need to ensure efficient, capable, stable use of their Oracle systems and applications.

Following is a brief overview of our services, reflecting some of the most prominent areas in which they maximize return on our clients' information technology investments:

Management Services:
   -Performance Review /

   -DB Maintenance

Development Services:
   -Code Optimisation
   -Query Optimisation
Management Services:
   -DB Administration
   -Security Reviews + Audits
   -Oracle Application Admin
   -DB Monitoring

Installation Services:
   -Product Upgrading +

Support Services:
   -DB Troubleshooting
   -TAR Service Request

   -Disaster Recovery Setup
    and Testing

Development Services:
   -Custom Standby Database
    and Backup / Recovery

Installation Services:
   -Installation of Oracle
    Products / Upgrades /

   -Installation of third-party

Development Services:

   -Oracle Development
    (scripting / custom

   -Custom Database
    Backup / Recovery

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