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Work with PhP

Acer Australia’s ecommerce website is based on Magento E-Commerce software. When anyone buys any piece of equipment from Acer Australia’s online store, our development work is at play. We perform installations, upgrades, enhancements, integrations for this e-commerce website regularly. We continue to develop, customise and support enhancements to this website today as we have done for well over 5 years now. We work with PhP on this front on a daily basis.  We are also involved in performaning SEO activities and integrating it with numerous extensions including Google analytics.

Refrigeration Monitoring for Xacom

With global warming the increased incidence of equipment failures due to overheating was being felt by the company. Monitoring and proactive maintenance could prevent such failures. This was expected to save millions of dollars across the country for Xacom’s  clients. Xacom retained us to build an application to address this opportunity. We built a custom refrigeration monitoring website using PhP. The application collects temperature, humidity and motor speed in revolutions per min (rpm) from sensors from refrigeration units. xacom is responsible for maintenance of these units for its customers. When units breakdown, Xacom sends out its maintenance engineers to resolve the issue.  A browser based application was developed using PhP, integrating “Anychart” visualization for refrigeration monitoring by us as a solution for this issue. Collecting sensor read information , storing them in a MySQL database, passing it in Json format to Anychart and displaying  the information on dashboards was a key requirement. These visualizations enabled seeing data for last 24 hours in graphical form, with an ability to drill down a specific moment and trigerring alerts through SMS and emails when thresholds are crossed.

Monitoring Website Availability using Python

The availability of a webite can cost an organizations its reputation as well as millions of dollars. Website crashes and meltdown when it is most needed is a reality and it does happen to everyone. One of our clients wanted a simple availability monitoring of their assets (websites, services  etc) as accessed from outside the internet. A combination of non-availability outside the maintenance schedule and decreased response times was to be identified and alerted through SMS to the client. We used a combination of Python and PHP to develop this website and this monitoring tool is operational monitoring the clients websites.

Smart smoke detection – IOT Big Data Development

Fires and Emergencies require rapid and reliable responses to minimize and where possible damage and loss property and sadly in some cases lives of cattle and in the extreme cases humans. The service is invariably provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the most difficult conditions. Minimising damage to property requires a great deal of planning. We worked on building a prototype of an IOT device, a web based application along with a mobile app to create a complete solution to enhance rapid fire related emergency management. The IOT device was to continuously stream an signals to the central system and the central monitoring dashboard. A “mobile app” was designed for use at the time of installation of the device to register the device and the property location, which will then be transmitted to the central software for recording. This information will then be visible on a graphical user interface with geo location information. From the moment the device is registered, the status of the device is monitored and visually observable on the central system. The messages that are streamed to the central system are continuously analysed and aggregated to report on dashboards on number of smoke alarms which are inactive, active, gone off with the alert signal and acknowledgments received. This combined with the location information stored was to help the emergency teams to focus their energies optimally.

Rationalization of SQL Server Database – Security Domain

Kaes Technologies Pty Ltd, worked in partnership with Securelogic to review and rationalize the SQL server databases for an organization in the security domain. Data stored in disparate silos and daily transfers between these silos and manual cleansing and error rectification was bogging down the sqlserver database resources. KAES Technologies reviewed the SQLserver database environment and focused on opportunities to consolidate wherever possible. The consolidation of databases was effected in the following areas

  • Consolidate schemas (merging databases)
  • Consolidate to a version
  • Consolidate to an instance
  • Consolidate to a server
  • Consolidate environment (DEV, UAT, PRD, mainly refactoring and housekeeping activities)

Microsoft Azure – Development using .Net

We were involved in teh development for an Australian company engaged in empowering youth with life skills for the changing future. We were involved in enhancing the development of their website to enable and deliver their services to their clients. The work involved development using .Net in an Azure environment.

While the above is an incomplete list of development activity we were involved using many programming languages and tools. We have undertaken development work locally and also from a small team from India. We are open to development work to meet customer requirements. We undertake work considered big or small, but we strive to deliver quality across the board.


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