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Frequently asked questions about our business plans.
What industries do you speacilize in?

We are a bunch of Information Technology Professionals. Information Technology by itself never stands alone,
but is there to help every other function in every domain to enhance the human experience. We have applied our technological prowess in many domains. A shortlist of the areas in which we have worked include the Higher Education sector,
Telecommunications, Building Products, FMCG, Health – Medical Devices, Energy Distribution, Construction, Mining,
Consulting, Local Government, Office Consumables, Manufacturing and Retail of Computers.
In fact, we consult with IT consulting companies as well. So our domain experience in wide and varied and we learn every day.

Where are you based? Do you work on-shore or off-shore?

We are based in Australia and primarily perform our work on-shore from local offices. Where clients request us for off-shore resources for cost advantages, we have the necessary team to get things actions offshore as well. We do deliver
development and 24×7 monitoring services to clients remotely from off-shore centers in Chennai, India. Ask us more questions if you would like more details.

Can you partner with us to deliver services on our behalf?

The short answer is Yes. We believe that we have to enhance our customer’s function through our technological expertise.
It is natural where our customers are IT companies themselves who deliver services to end customers. We have worked synergically with our customers, to perform major projects such as moving on-premise ERP to AWS cloud or ERP upgrades. Similarly, we have also provided Application/Infrastructure support to our customer’s clients on an ongoing basis.

Do you provide 24x7 on-going support services to clients remotely?

Yes. We provide monitoring, system, and database administration services to our clients which include continuous 24×7 support
for complex ERP systems support directly to our clients. We have delivered cloning, patching, upgrades to many of the infrastructure components. The responsibilities are pre-defined and in these cases, we usually sign an ongoing support contract and perform all listed activities.

Do you take up take up turn key projects at fixed price?

Yes. Depending on the nature of tasks, we are open to executing projects with well-defined deliverables, as opposed to an ongoing arrangement.


The operational processes are what drives the business

Wether it is software development or data analytics or application support, you can rely on a well versed team of professionals to support you when you need it

FAQ Continued

Do you take up application support activities?

We do provide application support services. At the outset, we get trained on the customer’s product/service. Depending on the requirement,
we can go to a deeper understanding of the underlying architecture and infrastructure. We can support specific components or end to end,
depending on the requirement.

For example, when a user is finding it difficult to use the customer’s application to order a particular product/return a product, we have a team to take the call and resolve issues. We can undertake such first level (call center actions) primarily
from Chennai , India.

We can also provide support when the underlying database/infrastructure is encountering issues, in which case, the work gets assigned to technical
professionals to investigate and resolve issues while adhering to agreed SLAs.

Will you take up small one time activities at fixed price for the short term to cover staff vacation periods?

Yes. We are happy to help with such work, just contact us by dropping an email at support@kaes.com.au

We just want our website monitored from outside our network and be alerted for issues. Can you do that?

Yes. Our customers want an external service to monitor the service from the internet. This gives real-time feedback as to what their customers are facing.
We do provide such ongoing monitoring of websites send alerts to nominated mobile numbers when the site is not accessible.

Can you provide services to customers outside Australia

Yes, Our consultants can work in any timezone and deliver services to customers from any geographical zones.

Are you open to using our Help Desk System?

Many of the customers, give us access to their Service desk system for us to monitor and when calls are assigned to perform required activities.
This provides these customers with a record of all activities inside their system and also avoids duplication of effort in some cases to maintain the record in their system and also ours.
We can work with either your help desk system, or we can set you up in our help desk system if that is preferred.